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Published: 2017/8/10

Last Updated: 2017/8/10

Two-photon exchange contribution to elastic $e^-$-proton scattering: Full dispersive treatment of $πN$ states and comparison with data

We evaluate the two-photon exchange correction to the elastic electron-proton scattering cross section within a dispersive framework. Besides the elastic contribution, we account for all $\pi N$ intermediate state contributions using the phenomenological MAID fit as an input. We develop a novel method for the analytical continuation of the two-photon exchange amplitudes into the unphysical region and generalize our previous work to the momentum transfer region $ 0.064~\mathrm{GeV}^2 \lesssim Q^2 \lesssim 1~\mathrm{GeV}^2$. We compare our results with recent OLYMPUS, CLAS and VEPP-3 data as well as with empirical fits and estimates in the forward angular region.